NHK Art’s Latest VFX and AI Works in Drama / NHKアートでのAI活用やコロナ禍のVFX制作について- NHKよるドラ『きれいのくに』・NHK大河ドラマ『青天を衝け』
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Exhibitor Talks
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TimeThursday, December 164pm - 5:30pm JST
LocationG409 (4F G Block)
DescriptionNHK Art, one of the leading VFX creators for drama productions, will introduce two successful VFX works," Kirei no Kuni" (NHK) and Historical Drama "Reach Beyond the Blue Sky" (NHK) .

For "Kirei no Kuni", we launched a high-quality face swap scheme with AI. Although the negative aspects of Deepfake have been emphasized in general, we optimized AI’s positive potential and presented appealing content to the viewers. To find further positive applications in other fields other than television programs, we will explain and discuss the challenges and prospects.

Join Exective Director and VFX Supervisor of "Reach Beyond the Blue Sky" as they share their experience and difficulties they faced in the COVID-19 crisis while remotely organizing and producing in Paris from Tokyo. Please see the VFX details on "Reach Beyond the Blue Sky" below : Website -