Getting started with virtual production How do you balance flexibility with initial costs? ~Looking towards a successful future for the film industry~ 今すぐ始めるバーチャルプロダクション 柔軟性と導入コストを両立させながら始めるには? ~今後を見据えた映像事業を成功に導こう~
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TimeThursday, December 1612pm - 1pm JST
LocationHall C (4F, C Block) & Virtual Platform
DescriptionAn increasing number of live-action film projects are incorporating "virtual production" into their workflows through the use of tools such as game engines,LED walls, etc. However, virtual production also comes with substantial initial costs. This is the subject of this session, where speakers will discuss practical examples of virtual production used by Toei Films in the last year. From there, the session will also cover the balancing act between flexibility and initial costs, and also touch on the current quality and future possibilities of virtual production. There is something here for everyone from those simply interested in virtual production to those who are already using it in their workflows, and are looking for some new perspectives.

Technical Director - Film / Animation テクニカルディレクター アニメ/フィルム