The VFX of Dune
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TimeTuesday, December 1411am - 12pm JST
LocationHall C (4F, C Block) & Virtual Platform
Description‘Dune: Part One’ is the remarkable science fiction epic and the introduction of Denis Villeneuve's vision of Frank Herbert's Dune universe to viewers. In this session, Tristan Myles (VFX Supervisor), Brian Connor (VFX Supervisor) and Robyn Luckham (Global Head of Animation) will talk through the pivotal role that DNEG played in bringing Villeneuve’s immersive vision to life with Production VFX Supervisor Paul Lambert. Sharing enthralling behind-the-scenes details of the project, the panel will dive into the meticulously detailed VFX work, the sweeping environments and impressive creatures that played a pivotal role in the creation of an iconic film.
VFX Supervisor
VFX Supervisor
Global Head of Animation