[Live Drawing] The Creation of an Immersive Concept Art
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DescriptionIn this live drawing performance, I’m going to challenge finishing a piece of sci-fi concept art by using a hypothetical situation.

Let's say...

I’m in the office as a concept artist about to go home and the art director grabs me and asks me to do a marketing concept art piece. He wants a submarine in the space station because it’s a sci-fi game. “Easy!”. I always say this word to him because since I joined this project, I have been making him happy with my artwork. This time will be no different. “Tomorrow?”, I asked casually. He said “No, in 45 mins, 1 hour tops! What I’m asking you for is the missing piece for my presentation, which I must do in an hour!”. My brain immediately searches an excuse not to do it, but then my favorite word comes out from his mouth:

“EASY, right? “

HA! he knows me. He knows how to motivate (control?) me. Yes, challenge accepted. He had better make sure warm up his cheek muscles because he will be smiling like smiley-face emoji with my artwork.

Time starts now!

Do you think I can make it happen? You will see in the event. Enjoy!