As a new media artist with a background in fine arts and philosophy, Amir explores ways of designing narratives within robotics, computer arts and creative coding. He is a member of the vvvv community as a tutor and contributor. His expertise in 3D animations and real-time interaction design forms a variety of research, artistic and commercials projects. Amir has been working as a programmer and concept developer for artists and art-based studios realizing projects for robotics, data visualisation, generative design, computer vision and physical computing.
Currently, he is a PhD candidate and a researcher at the Creative Robotics Labor UfG–Linz, where he is designing customized and purposeful tools for real-time interaction with robots, ranges from KUKA robotic arms to Spot, the Boston Dynamics quadruple robot.
Amir is teaching “Creative Coding”– a programming course for artist and “Sequence of Meaning”– a theoretical course on analytical approach to new media arts.
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