Igor Igorevich Segrovets
Igor Segrovets joined the Ethereal Phenomena project in the role of programmer and was responsible for curating the installation to be engaging, seamless and aesthetically pleasing. Igor’s contribution included technically realising the vision of a gamified, live and interactive meditation experience. This is Igor’s first contribution to human-computer interaction. In the past, while dreaming of becoming a rocket scientist, Igor completed his Bachelor degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Physics from The University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. During this time, Igor designed projects for teams researching photo-computing at The University of Queensland and quantum-sensing at Australian National University. Currently, Igor is completing a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan. There, Igor's project with Onishi Laboratory simulates the turbulent dynamics of wind around city trees with the aim of realising real-time micro-scale weather prediction.
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