BETSY DE FRIES – Director/Producer/Writer
Writer, poet and mixed media artist, Betsy is also Little Fluffy Clouds founder, art director and producer. Her checkered past includes theatres, nightclubs, performance spaces and international art collectives.

A long career in all realms of art and media led her found the small but nimble animation studio, Little Fluffy Clouds. Now, with her simpatico partner, Jerry van de Beek, Betsy can give full reign to more meaningful and artistic productions.

Her work can be seen on the international animation festival circuit and in multiple art publications. All latest work can be seen on the LFC website. Betsy hales from London but now lives happily in California with her dog, JAX.

JERRY VAN DE BEEK – Creative Director/Animator
Jerry is Little Fluffy Clouds co-founder and the director of many award-winning productions. He likes nothing more than experimenting with different styles and looks to ensure that he remains at the forefront of new technologies. Staying hands-on, by working in 2D, 3D, VFX and live-action, he mixes up the usual to arrive at the unusual.

Jerry is an avid photographer and uses the medium as the means to tell a narrative in real time. This very personal imagery can be seen on the LFC website. Jerry’s animations are often seen on the international animation festival circuit and in multiple art publications. Originally from, The Netherlands, Jerry now lives very happily near bike and running trails in California.

Multi award-winning Bay Area production studio, Little Fluffy Clouds, was founded in 1996 by the creative team of Betsy De Fries and Jerry van de Beek. LFC specializes in high-end motion graphics and animation. Talented, imaginative, experimental yet pragmatic, LFC brings a unique edge to concept design, live action with integrated motion graphics, state-of-the-art VFX, character development, 2D and 3D animation, AFX, title sequences and all forms of interactive and mobile media.

A compulsion for storytelling, interwoven with a constant eye for exploration, development and investment in the latest technologies, allows this talented duo to think freely, playfully question, concept, dream, draw, code, animate, produce and deliver experiences that enable their clients’ ideas to shine. Diversity of style is the studio byword.
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