Tomasz Wojtowicz
By day a solution architect in a global corporation, throwing the design blueprints from his ivory tower. By night a demoscener with a twisted history. Started in the mid 90s, on a PC scene, winning a few demoparties with his 3D art (under ‘io’ nickname). Went stealth (read: married with kids, and doing corp career) in early 2000s, just to be found and adopted by Agenda (8-bit Atari demogroup) in 2016. Brainwashed by them to puke with assembler, happily writing 6502 code since then. His speciality are tiny intros (256b in size), where less is more, and it’s basically you against the machine. As Agenda family member - won a couple of compos on demoparties in Poland, Slovakia and Russia. Agenda and Atari forever!