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TimeThursday, December 1610am - 6pm JST
LocationHall E (B2F, E Block)
"Sketch Dance Stage Online": Three-dimensional CG projection of hand-drawn characters to real space and interaction
ARinVR: Bringing Mobile AR into VR
Can Shadows Create a Sense of Depth to Mid-air Image?
TIEboard: Developing Kids Geometric Thinking through Tangible User Interface
Self-Stylized Neural Painter
Associating Real Objects with Virtual Models for VR Interaction
Class Balanced Sampling for the Training in GANs
Rendering of Synthetic Underwater Images Towards Restoration
VR-Wizard: Towards an Emotion-Adaptive Experience in VR
Interactive Manga Colorization with Fast Flat Coloring
Emotion Guided Speech-Driven Facial Animation
How Can I Swing Like Pro?: Golf Swing Analysis Tool for Self Training
Learning English to Chinese Character: Calligraphic Art Production based on Transformer
BridgedReality: A Toolkit Connecting Physical and Virtual Spaces through Live Holographic Point Cloud Interaction
Dynamic and Occlusion-Robust Light Field Illumination
VRTwitch: Enabling Micro-motions in VR with Radar Sensing
Real-Time Prediction-Driven Dynamics Simulation to Mitigate Frame Time Variation
Light Source Selection in Primary-Sample-Space Neural Photon Sampling
Patching Non-Uniform Extraordinary Points with Sharp Features
Red Versus Blue: Slime Mold Civil War
WAuth: Handwriting-Based Socially-Inclusive Authentication
Submarine LED: Wirelessly powered underwater display controlling its buoyancy
Optimized binarization for eggshell carving art
Occlusion Robust Part-aware Object Classification through Part Attention and Redundant Features Suppression
A Procedural MatCap System for Cel-Shaded Japanese Animation Production
Deep Color-Normal Residual Networks for Geometry Refinement Extracting Color Consistency and Fine Geometry
Decision of Line Structure beyond Junctions Using U-Net-Based CNN for Line Drawing Rendering
Kaleidoscopic Display: easy-to-make light-field display
Training to Get a Drone License, Virtually
BeeWave : Create swarm kinetic movement using by SMA display and embedded cellular automata-based mechanism
ARMixer: Live Stage Monitor Mixing through Gestural Interaction in Augmented Reality
A Robust Display Delay Compensation Technique Considering User's Head Motion Direction for Cloud XR
eyemR-Talk: Using Speech to Visualise Shared MR Gaze Cues
Monte Carlo Denoising with a Sparse Auxiliary Feature Encoder
Service Skills Training in Restaurants Using Virtual Reality
Visibility Enhancement for Transmissive Image using Synchronized Side-by-side Projector-Camera System
Development of a Wearable Embedded System providing Tactile and Kinesthetic Haptics Feedback for 3D Interactive Applications
A parallel guaranteed projector-camera system for dual videography
A Liquid Sound Retrieval using History of Velocities in Physically-based Simulation
An Abstract Drawing Method for Same Shaped but Densely Arranged Many Objects
Cartoon Sliding: An MR System for Experiencing Sliding Down a Cliff
Joint Augmented Reality Video Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Supervision