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Real-time Image-based Virtual Try-on with Measurement Garment
Integration of stereoscopic laser-based geometry into 3D video using DLP Link synchronisation
Simultaneous Augmentation of Textures and Deformation Based on Dynamic Projection Mapping
VWind: Virtual Wind Sensation to the Ear by Cross-Modal Effects of Audio-Visual, Thermal, and Vibrotactile Stimuli
LIPSYNC.AI: A.I. Driven Lips and Tongue Animations Using Articulatory Phonetic Descriptors and FACS Blendshapes
HoloBurner: Mixed reality equipment for learning flame color reaction by using aerial imaging display
The Aromatic Garden, Exploring new ways to interactively interpret narratives combining olfaction and vision including temporal change of scents using olfactory display
Collaborative Avatar Platform for Collecting Human Expertise
Depth-Aware Dynamic Projection Mapping using High-speed RGB and IR Projectors
Frisson Waves: Sharing Frisson to Create Collective Empathetic Experiences for Music Performances
Midair Haptic-Optic Display with Multi-Tactile Texture based on Presenting Vibration and Pressure Sensation by Ultrasound
GroundFlow: Multiple Flows Feedback for Enhancing Immersive Experience on the Floor in the Wet Scenes
Recognition of Gestures over Textiles with Acoustic Signatures
Weighted Walking: Propeller-based On-leg Force Simulation of Walking in Fluid Materials in VR
"Amazing Sketchbook the Ride": Driving a Cart in a 3DCG Scene Created from a Hand-Drawn Sketch
DroneStick: Flying Joystick as a Novel Type of Interface
Parallel Ping-Pong: Demonstrating Parallel Interaction through Multiple Bodies by a Single User
Self-Shape-Sensing Device with Flexible Mechanical Axes for Deformable Input Interface
Multimodal Feedback Pen Shaped Interface and MR Application with Spatial Reality Display